The Milky Way - Enterprise Maps to

Navigate Complexity

The modern organizational world - with new innovations, short product cycles, new competitors, new partnerships, new value propositions - is a navigational challenge.

Organizations need to be better at responding to customer and user demands, quickly change direction, adapt and develop.

The Milky Way Enterprise Maps helps enable better decision-making by combining information in a shared view, A true anchor model

Webinar were The Navigators in detail,
describe the Milky Way Enterprise Map in Miro.

English Webinar Here

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Miro, the collaborative tool to draw Milky Way Enterprise Maps

We have created a Miro Board Template for you to quickly create a Milky Way Map together with colleagues, customers, and partners. It's a Template complete with instructions on how to use it.

Why Miro?

In times when collaboration is the key to success, we went out to search for the perfect tool. And we found it with Miro. Yes, there is GAP:s that need to be filled but overall it does what we need it to do. And from a collaboration point of view, there is just nothing better today.


Team Milky Way Navigators

Cecilia Nordén, Alexander van Riesen and Thomas Larsson

The Milky Way Enterprise Map

Is a map showing what you do, in which order, what applications you use while doing this. 
What information needs to be communicated between different parts of the enterprise,
as well as how you interact with your customers and partners. 
The steps are easy:
- You Map out the enterprise Value Flow with the Hub and add Business Capabilities
- You use different Information Overlays on the Map to Navigate the enterprise
- You Accelerate Change by using the Map to understand and see business challenges faster

The Milky Way Map with its Overlays is used in a variety of analysis, we show three of many examples below...


Do Project


  • We can overlay our map with the different change initiatives we are doing

  • What parts of the organization are they affecting?

  • What Capabilities, what systems, what functions, etc?

  • Are any project overlapping?

Meet the Navigators

The Navigators behind The Milky Way Miro Board Template

We are a trio of people passionate about helping enterprises and organizations to create a shared understanding of the business. To help accelerate change. We are senior advisors, innovators, enterprise architects working with The Milky Way Mapping method.


Cecilia Nordén

The Milky Way -
Enterprise Navigator and
Author of the book
The Milky Way

Senior Consultant, Business and Enterprise Architecture at IRM - Information Resource Management

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Alexander van Riesen

The Milky Way -
Enterprise Navigator

Senior Business Advisor, Innovation Director, Visionary Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Hybrid Thinker

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Thomas Larsson

The Milky Way -
Enterprise Navigator

Enterprise Architect, Innovation coach, Author, speaker, facilitator who challenge Status Quo.

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Our Services and Offerings

Do you need help with The Milky Way Enterprise Model we offer a wide range of services spanning from online training to tailored workshops and consulting and much more, contact us today.


Training & Courses

We do training and courses both online and on-site to help you get more knowledge on how to draw and create maps and to understand how to work with the Milky Way Map


Workshops & Consulting

We help you in running tailored workshops and doing consultancy work around The Milky Way for your enterprise and organization. 


Seminars & Lectures

We hold online and on-site lectures and seminars for events, companies, enterprises, and schools where we talk about how to use the Milky Way in the best possible way.


"In any change, it is important to look at the whole picture to understand how it affects the entire enterprise in different parts and ways. We also need to get a seamless view on how IT is used within the Enterprise and why (what information needs to be passed on). The Milky Way does all of this and more!"

Cecilia Nordén 

Senior Consultant & Author - The Milky Way


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Bok silver eng.png
The Book - The Milky Way

This book explains, in a simple, systematic and pedagogical manner, how you can use The Milky Way, to build a true anchor model for your enterprise. It will give you a solid foundation on which to build a better understanding of how all parts of your enterprise collaborate to embrace innovation, generate customer value and safe guard an understanding of what needs to be improved throughout your organisation and why.

ISBN 978-91-977119-3-7
Author: Cecilia Nordén